Meet Void team

Void Lead Team

SvC - Lead Developer


Purge - Client Modder / Community Manager

Official type servers hater, that's all you need to know.

Revox - Client Modder

I take care of client modding and database works. I also hate tickets

OgetayK - Game Designer

I take care of Game Design and a lot of things that you don't see. I'm also nitro king of Void

Void Admin Team

Killrog - Website Developer

Creator of Void Website and every works related to Void Website.

Decameron - Team Manager

Last purge bender

Nayla - Game Admin, Team Manager & Community Manager

I'm ticket hunter, i love to help Void community in any way.

DarkLegend - Head of Balance & Game Designer

Just a guy who likes PvP and NosTale.

Megumin - Super Game Master

Bot hunter kebab

Void Team (Game Masters)

Hori - Game Master

Always spectator, never protagonist

Astraea - Game Master & Game Designer

Big (d) afk player, bot banner and best French GM. Foxes and tattoos lover.

Senka - Game Master

Leader of pizzas.

Kamina - Game Master

Ronaldo siuuuuuuu

h0racy - Junior Game Designer


LelloSH - Game Master

El pasta/pizza and mertens simper

Marceli - Game Master

Date on fernon?

Void Support Team

Sina - Game Supporter

Batman of FR

Sikario - Game Supporter

Pierogi and kebab enjoyer.

Dana&Kai - Game Supporter

Spanish, lovely and helpful Game Supporter.

KING - Game Supporter

Rich, PvE Player and HK king

Rayden - Game Supporter


Slick - Game Supporter

Rare MA enjoyer

Noway - Game Supporter

HK forever

The0nlyReal - Game Supporter

Kebab power